Seven Tips to Blogging Effectively



Seven Tips to Blogging Effectively

Blogging is a very effective way to help bringing traffic to your website. However, its important to plan on what topics you’ll blog about, what format you need to use and understand what your goals are. Without knowing what to blog about and have a plan for it, you won’t be successful.


Your Blog Should Be on Your Website

Don’t make the mistake of separating your blog and your website. Your blog should be on the website you’re trying to promote. That’s because you need to bring traffic to your most valuable asset and therefore the content of the blog should be on that same website. That includes blog posts, articles, videos, graphics, and more.


Insert Relevant Graphics and Images

To make your blog more exciting and interesting, you need to insert relevant graphics and images into your blog posts as well as white spacing to keep the content more organized and attractive for your audience. Images help make your audience further understand about the blog post and give much better visual representation.


Mix Up Types of Content with Images, Podcasts, Video, and Text

It isn’t practical to make your blog posts all text. Try to make a mixture of infographics, podcasts, videos and text whenever possible. This will make your audience more interested to read your blog posts and will make them come back regularly to your website. Furthermore, it is recommended to reproduce content into different forms as not everyone likes the same type of content.


Understand Who Your Audience Is

It will be very difficult for you to create useful content for your audience if you don’t know who the audience is. You need to do your research and make audience personas. By creating personas you’ll be able to create more interesting and helpful content that will definitely attract more targeted audience. This will help you on creating your products/services that they need because you know more about them.


Create Relevant Content on a Regular Basis

Studies have shown that creating at least 20 blog posts a month brings in 97 percent more inbound links than if you don’t blog that often. According to HubSpot, 92 percent of the companies that blog more than once a day get more customers to their blogs. But of course you need to post relevant content to be successful.


Understand What the Point of the Content Is

You need to have a reason on making each blog post. Don’t just post for the sake of posting. You may be promoting your products/services or educating your audience on a subject that’s important to them or sharing someone else’s work regarding your topic. Or you may be informing them about your newsletter sign-ins. Just make your content when you have a clear reason on doing that.


Promote Your Blog Posts with Social Media

Finally, its very important to promote your content to your Social Media platforms and asking your followers to further promote your content to attract more audience to your website. Make it easy for people to share, no matter how they found out about your blog. Add share buttons for a variety of Social Media platforms on your blog. The easier you make it for people to share, the better.

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