Hello and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Ali Al Aynati, married to a fabuluos wife and have 2 handsome boys :).

I’ve graduated from Brunel University in the UK with B.S. Computer Science and worked as a developer. At that beginning of my work career I was dreaming of becoming a developer as I saw it as a great challenge and honestly I was and still am excited to develop programs.

Then one day I thought of changing my life!

I felt that being an employee is overwhelming and somehow annoying. Its not that I hated my job but what I really want is to control my own income instead of it being controlled by others. I decided to make something that makes me passive income and gives me more time for myself and not worry about paying my bills.

So I began my journey by searching what everyone with the same desire would type “how to make money online”!

I’ve seen various ways such as:

– Social Media (buying and selling)
– Amazon
– Adsense
– And many more

I loved the idea of each and tried for some time with some failures (which is totally normal) until I one day received an E-mail from someone I subscribed to which was talking about the “Internet Marketing”.

Here is when I thought “FINALLY” this is what I’m looking for and what I’m aiming to succeed on. So I began my journey in the Internet Marketing and bought courses (some great and some BS). I kept learning until I got many great ideas and tips to build my own business.

My main goal now is to help as many people who are passionate and ready to build their business online as possible. Believe me, once you make your first step into the Internet Marketing, you’ll enjoy it and keep digging until you reach the success you deserve.

I’ve made this blog to provide great content of various aspects of the Internet Marketing which will hopefully help as many new and even experienced Internet Marketers become more successful online.

So, please visit this blog regularly as I will provide new content on regular basis.

Hope everyone all the success because this is the life that we deserve!