Why is it important to have mobile friendly website

mobile friendly website


Why is it important to have mobile friendly website


Mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets nowadays have more leads and bounds than personal computers. It is expected that the mobile trend will continue to grow further. If you still have an old-fashioned website, a Flash website, or a website that is otherwise not mobile friendly, now is the time to change it.


Use WordPress

The great thing about WordPress is that it has themes that are attractive and mobile friendly. You just need to implement them on your website to become a mobile friendly destination for your followers and readers.


Keep It Simple

You need to make your website simple as this will make it easier to read on mobile devices. Try to avoid flash pictures and images. Only use images that are relevant and don’t overdo it. Use one or two images per post, unless it’s a “how to” post that you need to illustrate.


Your Customer Is Mobile

Yours customers are mostly using mobile technology most of the day. They have their phone near them at all times, many even take them to bed with them. This is why they require your website to be working on their mobile phones just the same as their personal computer.


Mobile Users Take Action

According to DudaMobile.com, 1 in 5 website visits using a mobile device leads to the user calling the business right away. Mobile users take immediate action, when they need anything from you they will contact you on the same time. Not when they get to their PC. Not providing mobile friendly website might upset them and they may never visit it ever again.


Mobile Sites Look Great

The advantage of having a mobile friendly website is that it looks more attractive on mobiles than on PCs. This makes it even better as you won’t have to provide two separate sites. They look clean, are very user friendly, and load fast.


Social Media

You’re making a huge mistake if you use Social Media as a marketing tactic and don’t have a mobile friendly website. Most people use Social Media from their smartphones and tablets. People who use social media want the same experience as they had on their PC. Some people are even getting rid of their traditional PCs.


Mobile Sites Improve Brand Image

Mobile friendly websites impress your customers and they give positive feedback for it. You don’t want them to speak negatively about your website. Even if you’re in a demographic yourself that isn’t mobile, you have to realize that anyone under 35 is mobile today. So, it is normal for them nowadays to use their phones as computers. This is why you need to go for mobile if you want to improve your brand’s image.


To conclude, you need to have a mobile friendly website to reach your customer as well as any email newsletters you send them. They nowadays are more likely to read your emails via their mobiles than their PCs, which is why it’s important to get mobile.

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